Forever Crochet Blanket

So, about 6 years ago I thought I’d crochet myself an heirloom. I hadn’t crocheted anything, heirloom or otherwise, for years, so needless to say, I was a bit slow to start with. I decided to use a pattern from one of my mum’s vintage (circa 1970s) crochet books:

Filet crochet pattern, circa 1970s

Filet crochet pattern, circa 1970s

Six years later, I am still working on it and here is the latest piece:

Crochet panel No. 4

Overall, I have got this far:

Working on fourth panel...

Working on fourth panel…

It’s going to be a five panel blanket/throw, for a double bed. To give it a contemporary twist, I am going to sew the finished crochet on to duck-egg blue silk – obviously, I have yet to work out how I am going to do that, but nevermind, eh?!
So watch this space. Hopefully, I’ll be able to post a picture of the finished ‘heirloom’ before the internet is a historical artifact used only by the quirky, vintage-loving-types.

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Tea T’owl

Oooh, I loved doing this one! Owls seem to be everywhere in homeware these days, so I thought I’d make myself one. Inspired by a cartoon I found on the tinternet, I got out the coloured pencils and paper and made a very rough pattern. I didn’t want to commit to the whole cushion thing, so I settled for a tea towel and used a nice smart one (100% linen, made in Britain).

I absolutely love this little owl, and improvising the embroidery to make her pretty was so much fun. In total we’ve got seven types of embroidery stitches, yay! Satin, outline, chain, Cretan, back-stitch, feather and line stitch.

This is a good example of why if you haven’t already, you really should try to make up your own embroidery project.
So. Much. Fun.

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A home for things I’ve made or am trying to make!


You will find all the crafty stuff I have done (or, as is more frequently the case, am trying to do still!) here.

As you’ll see, I am obsessed with trying to make very difficult projects, with usually little or no experience/expertise/guidance. I try to take pics of every stage of a project, but often get carried away and don’t. Sorry! If you have a question on now any of it was made or have a better idea of what I should do next time, please share!

Hope you enjoy,
J x

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